August 20, 2010


Cambridge...not only a city where every student dreams to do his college, but a wonderful old and new mixture of arhitecture, history and peacefully places, all surrounded by the Cam River. Absolutely amazing!

Above the Cam River

in the back-> King's College Chapel
is the chapel to King's College of the University of Cambridge
with the Gibb's Building
people punting on Cam River
love these pics!

down ->Near The Corpus Christi Clock
It is located in Cambridge outside Corpus Christi College's
new library building. It was invented by Dr John Taylor.
with some english goodies (the fudge also !) bought from one of the many shops on King's Parade
fooling around in the University Museum of Zoology near a dinosaur fossil...
Cambridge, UK

at the Grantchester Orchard Tea Garden with Mate

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