April 18, 2011

Poetry night

These were some pics that Mate took of me, before going to another city to attend a poetry evening. A friend asked me if I would like to recite some poems out of his creations. His latest book was launched too, so it was a good occasion to learn some new things. So I did...
 The poet's name is Adrian Suciu...you'll see him in the pics below, signing the book he gave me, after the event was over. He's the kind of the direst, trenchant, without too many emotions behind his verses kind of a poet. It's going to be an interesting lecture if you get a hold of his book "Viata fara urmari".

At the event, Camelia was invited too (acting faculty colleague).
The event happened in an Arts Gallery...this was a pic that I found pretty interesting...It's an image that summarizes the entire history of Romania so far, including the present. It's like: That's obviously the way we should choose and follow...but there's always SOMETHING THERE...blocking our path...our way to better things...

Hope you found the post interesting! See you soon!
Love. Gab~

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