April 20, 2011

Spring in Cluj

It's always a joy when I have to go to my fave city in all this country...Cluj! :) And spring just made it better! But if you know me or have been reading my blog lately, you already know this stuff :). It was just super nice to eat lunch at our fave place...then stopped for a nice frappe at Starbucks, then just lay back in the centre of the city, in the Matei Corvin Square. Sunny weather with my man aside...perfect.

Decided to rock some color blocking pieces that just popped the outfit...just let summer come! :)
And a couple pic too! :)
Matei Corvin Statue details...

In teh evening we met some friends and went to a place called Samsara...just the fact that we had to leave our shoes at the door and sit on pillows sounded terrific...after drinking a cocktail and some tea...we were deeply relaxed...it was quite hard to stand up when it was time to leave. Nice place!
See you soon! I'll keep an eye on you, remember! :D
Love, Gab~

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