April 1, 2011

pizza and motocycles

Went to buy things to make a pizza...and we couldn't miss the Motocycles Expo at the mall... :) Nice babies, what do you think?  My man is crazy about motocycles, he wants to get one this year...and I have to confess I have a motocycle driving licence... and starting to fall in love with choppers. Hmmm...
About pizza...well all the respect for the ones they cook in restaurants( I used to make pizza when working in the States some years ago...), but when it comes to cooking pizza at home from scratch, well that's another story. It's totally different ...You can do the dough with whatever ingredients you like, and on top of it you can put as much goodies as you like.This one has peppers, corn, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, chicken , green olives -don't like the black ones- , mushrums... :)) Hope you'll enjoy the pics, have a wonderful day!
Love, Gab~

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