April 29, 2011

strawberry moments

When at home (back home in St.George), we try to keep ourselves busy (or try to make as much as fun things together as family)...so a cup of tea or coffee at a random cafe in town starts the day......then a pool game in the afternoon... and where's a photo camera...well...there's a "face" for it too! :))))

It's always good to see my sister. I love her and I wish we could be closer to each other...like living closer... Since that it's not possible now, I just try to make every moment special...that includes a common moment dedicated to strawberry buying... :)
Make sure you cherish every moment spent with your loved ones!
Will be back! Take care, Gabi~

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Jen_A said...

Lovely pics!! Gorgeous scarf!
Thanx for your comment, dear!<3
Nice blog! follow you:) follow me back if you like:)