July 29, 2011

Ghent, Belgium

On our way to Langley, UK, we have to stop (just like last year) in Ghent, Belgium. This is where we're supposed  to take the staff coach and leave for England for an entire month of working and having fun (speaking english at all times) with belgian teens and wonderful dutch/english staff members. So this is the main reason we're travelling, me and my sweetheart throughout Europe. Just like last year, we took Mate's car, so we ca visit more cities and places as we ride to Belgium. 
This time, the weather in Ghent was pretty cold, so we tried to have a snack and a beer (form their 400 types) at the House of Beer, as we've created already a custom whenever we arrive in Belgium to hit the french fries and beer locals.... :))) Only if you'd taste them, you'll know what I'm talking about. After a while, we had to go inside ( I was freezin') at the first floor, because downstaires was full of tourists. Here....surprisingly , was nobody...So we had our beers in peace...and the we went hunting for some french fries with andalusian sauce. Period.
Stay with me throughout my jounrey! 
Love, Gab~

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