July 28, 2011

Durer's House, Nurnberg

When traveling I always have to learn something about the places I see...This time,a brand new spot I've never been before was Nuremberg, Germany. I must say I'm starting to love Germany more and more... If last year I've visited Koln (which, by the way, I loved!!!) this year I fell in love with Nuremberg and Frankfurt...
What you see (in the pic above) behind me is Albrecht Dürer's house. Needles to say he was one of the most important people during the XVth Century. Painter, printmaker, engraver, mathematician and theorist...you name it, he did them all! Mostly known for the self-portrait paintings, "Adam and Eve", "Young Hare", or the "Praying Hands", this man was a real artist and a decisive inspiration for other great artists like Raphael or Titian. 
His house is beautiful...but my fave part of it, was, definitely, his workshop area. Loved all the ancient bottles that kept his magic ingredients to fabric the painting's colors...you'll see more than one pic with them... 
This room inspires you to go grab a canvas and start painting right now!

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scott davidson said...

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