July 28, 2011

Frankfurt am Main

We only got late in the evening in Frankfurt, but we had some hours to wander around and discover this amazing city. 
Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on the river Main) it's probably the most interesting mixture between an old and historical European city and an American like skyline that I got to see.... It's absolutely gorgeous. I felt I was on two different continents at once, and roaming from one to another, just by passing a street. From the  St.Bartholomeus Cathedral, St. Paul's Church, Romerberg, the Alte Oper ~ all well preserved/reconstructed monuments of the XIV-XVth Century or XIXth Century ~ till the skyscrapers from the financial district...everything in this city breathes the tight bond between history and modern times. ...it just reminded me so well of Atlanta, Georgia... Not to mention the Goethe Street...that must be every fashionista's favorite   spot ...you'll see why in the pics that follow ... Enjoy! :)
...and when you look back on how this city was left after the Second World War in 1944...it's just amazing how fast the Germans reconstructed it... unbelievable...

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