October 31, 2009

the last days of october

...it's not much what I've been up to the past days. Only movie shootings from the early hours of the morning till ...well...till late enough just to come home exhausted, take a shower and try to sleep & recover some energy for the next day.
Today, I'm off... so it's a "dolce far niente"day. Apparentely I am invited to a Halloween party tonight...I just foud out that in the morning.The funny part is...I don't have any costume... Halloween was the last thing on my mind these days. Besides... romanians, as many other europeans, borrowed this celebration from the americans... like many other things. What I wanted to say is that we don't really have anything to do with it. That doesn't stop me from wishing to see an authentic Halloween time in the US... Everytime I've been in the States I left at the beginning of october. So never got the chance to see it live.. Along with Christmas, these two holidays would be the american celebrations I would definetely love to be part of someday!
Anyway...I found some really funny pic on Halloween!
Ideas for your perfect costume :)

...just for you and your lover :))

for the ones we love most... :))

if you're not into costumes...you can wear this!

ideas for decorating your home :))

...or for your pet :))

By the way this is my favourite Halloween pic ever!

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