October 17, 2009

food with love :)

I love to cook ...
but always for other people, not for me. I do all kind of meals, I get recipes from cook books, internet, my own experience and what I have learned from my mom, dad and other persons...I like to steal all kind of good tips ans use them...

Cooking it's also an art in my opinion. But that goes only with a lot of love! You see, that's the secret ingredient :) And with a well dressed table, the meal is perfect! When I'm on my own I just eat in order to keep myself alive. On the other hand, I love people who cook for me :)

For tonight's dinner I tried some novac fish in the oven and potato side :) It came out pretty good.

...and a banana-cinnamon-chocolate milk shake as dessert... mmmmmm, yes please!

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