October 16, 2009

movie shootings...

I started for a week now shooting for a movie, just helping a friend of mine. I will tell you guys more when it will come to an end, for now I just want everything to go right. And I'm also trying to hold up with the shows at the theatre (cause that's first), and they were one after other these days...I'm exhausted! Plus other things that must be done... Anyways, I have some pics before and from one of the shootings. Enjoy!

I have the chance to learn some movie make up tips, I started to make up myself, but the hard work was done by the movie make up artist.this was the final make up... the set scene

with the movie director

The place where we made the shootings was beautiful, but very cold...so until the lights were set, I tried to keep myself warm - the director's jacket helped :)) This last pic was taken somewhere around midnight... the shooting lasted more that I thought! But still smiling...

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