October 14, 2009

a bit of Arad taste

I spent my afternoon with an acting college mate who's an actress here at the theatre in Arad. We haven't seen each other for an year now, so we had a lot to talk about. I had a late lunch at this restaurant-lounge bar inside the theatre called Gaya. The weather outside sucked big time, so I couldn't sightsee. So the hours spend in this warm spot were welcomed. I ordered a tea, cinnamon flavored ( of course!), with milk. These days I felt like a flu is willing to visit me, so hot tea was my only option when it came to drink smthing... Fortunately enough this tea was amazing, haven't tried this brand before, but they've gained a fan, that's for sure!
I wanted to eat some pasta, so these cuties up here with mushrooms and chicken were fabulous! Definitely will come again!
Winterdream hot tea with milk, love it!

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