October 24, 2009

rushed feelings

And I left town for 3 days to attend the "Pledez pentru tine(ri)" Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamt. So glad the weather turned better and even the sun shined a bit...more than 300 km through the country from Baia Mare to Piatra Neamt. I love this part of Romania, simply because I have a lot of relatives and here in Creanga's land I lived the my best childhood summers .
It's always good to come back and remeber how it was...I feel it passed a lot of time and so many things happened... so many have changed...

ok....back to reality...When I travel I like to wear anything that's comfy, cosy and easy to get rid of if it's too warm...and since our last festival trip to Arad, when it was really cold and rainy, all the crew dressed winter like for Piatra Neamt. The funny part is, the weather turned to be lovely for this period of the year...as far as I am concerned, if the sun is shining, I'm definitely smiling! :)TerraNova sweater, Element pants, Salomon shoes, Gina tricot sunnies

We arrived just in time to see the premiere of our colleagues that work at the Tineretului Theatre here in Piatra Neamt. Especially that the man who signed the stage directing is going to come to our theatre too next spring, fo a play work...so we all were curious to see the show. It was interesting, definitely not for to ones who come to the theatre to relax, have fun &co.... This play forced you to think, a thing that I love in any play. And it had a moment that just made me burst into tears...that's the king of theatre I like, the one which mooves something in you, and storming feelings conquer you as you leave the theatre...The moment we came back at the hotel, a new whole "theatre play" was going on...the place were we were supposed to have our dinner was full of people who were dancing on a (too loud ) party music...I thought we ran into a wedding or smthing...but no...there were just festival people who were having fun...too loud, in my opinion ... considering the fact I like to have my meal in silence or in a fine ambiance music...Luckily, all this party stopped soon after we had our first entree... this last pic was taken in the hotel dining room.

Tired ...need to sleep...

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