June 6, 2010

Celebration day:)

For 3 years and 8 months now, we'be been celebrating the 6th day of each month since we've started being sweethearts. And we celebrate with the most simple and full of love things that man has in his life. Peony flowers, cause he knows those are my faves, ice cream date, kisses-smiles-love overdose ( that's apparently my new word obsession) and lots of good energy. Plus, his B-day is coming...I've started to prepare smth special for him, hope it gets here in time :)

In the evening, he've headed to the theatre, since the festival started... 2 plays, dinner in between...a bit tired, but happy we've solved a lot of things and managed to make our day memorable.
Penne Barbarosa & Penne al forno @ Barbarosa Restaurant


Flávio said...

my congratulations
I hope we can keep in touch

I really liked the pictures

ps:very beautiful you

Gabri est là said...

Thank you, Flavio!
I'm here... :)
You have a great day!