June 13, 2010

Jet Skiin' @ Apa

Before going to Cluj to deal with the final master exam, a day out to a lake near by, called Apa, was the best way we managed to relax and forget about bad thoughts and stress. Plus, I got to jet ski with a friend ( he's Alex...yeah, it was like an invasion of Alexes names these days :), plus the british Alex decided to stay a couple of days in Romania, after his goup left back to England 2 days ago...So we hosted him at our place and of course we took him with us to Apa to relax, have fun and enjoy the romanian summer weather and lake water. Then in the evening we went with Alex, the romanian guy, in Sighetul Marmatiei to help him with some bizz. It was a nice and relaxing ride. A day full of new sensations!
Hope you enjoy summer too! Talk to you soon!

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