June 14, 2010

later that evening...

We went out in the evening at a new cafe lounge called Coffee Time, a sweet and elegant place to have a talk with friends, taste a bit of their fine pastrie and enjoy a sip of good redwine and blue cheese. Maybe I'll get to do some pics indoors next time I'm going(we choose the terrace), till then I'll post a pic that I found on the web. After having a yummy hot chocolate and a cheese cake (probably one of the best I ever had in Romania), we went home...but couldn't leave the area without noticing the beautiful lonely street next to the Coffee Time Lounge. That is where we took these pics that I simply love, most of them cause of the lightning suited for the late hour...Enjoy!

...wearing a Zara dress and Aldo pumps, that I adore!
Let the nudes come to me!! :)
Love, Gab~

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