June 30, 2010

red entry

Where I'm stayin' in Baia Mare, I enjoy nature every day, every season, at it's full capacity...this time the currants made their red entry :)
It's good to enjoy a bit of free time, considering the fact that I just finished my 2 years of master in acting and the theatre activity is on "vacancy" for a couple of months...
The sound of the word "holiday" is starting to get familiar again...

Glad the good weather is back on track! ...did I mentioned I came back from Cluj with a cold...? yeah...with some pills and lots of vitamins, I should be ok. The sun does a lot of good...it keeps me smiling! :)
The last pics are from tonight...we went out for a tea @ Barbarosa Restaurant n' Terace and met some friends too.

beeing too serious... :)

...have to go...Take good care of you!
Love, Gab~

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