March 31, 2011


I got so angry when my fave pastry raised the cake's prices so much (a stupid romanian habit), that it wasn't worth it buying sweets from their shop anymore... So I said...I'm going to try to do whatever sweets and cakes I want with my own bear hands! It's not the first time I do sweet things, but it was a first doing an apple strudel (it's one of my fave sweets ever!) It was a bit of work, but let me tell you the end, it's worth every moment spent doing it! With cinnamon and apples, when it's still warm, with vanilla ice cream..mmmm... it's a first class restaurant recipe...not to mention it's a viennese speciality. You can find a recipe here
Have some fun! Bake smth! :) <- today's quote :)))
Love, Gab~

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