August 4, 2011

bowling in Norwich

During a 2 week camp, the belgian teens get to trip to Norwitch and Cambridge. That's a lot of fun. They can choose what to do during the trips: bowling, swimming, visiting museums ...and they also get to hag out with eachother - while the staff members hope they won't speak Dutch... :DDD -
Of course , all the assistants participate to all this kind of games and activities...and they take it really serious. As myself in the next picture... :D :D
Somehow I get all the "bad boyzz"... :D :D I don't mind, I quite like to be in charge over boys that girls...don't ask me why! I guess it's military kind of stuff...When I was younger I wanted to join the military... So, I guess these are just wishes that haven't come true and they come back to life occasionally. :D
I had a lot of fun! :D

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