August 12, 2011

The George and Dragon ...or the end of the first camp

Up here it's the Kissing Line... :D :D at the end of the last night of the camp, after we all party-well, the kids do mostly- all the boys kissed the ladies good night. How sweet is that? :) Here I am with Zuzana in the dark of the party ... :D :D Another person whom I will miss! Wonderful lady!
Here is all the Langley 3 staff crew (teachers, assistans, camp directors, managers ). Lovely group pics! Nice people! Check out the next pic with us foolin' around. Definitely love that better! :D :D
After the kids left for Belgium, in the evening, all the staff members that were going to do the next camp also (Langley 4), went in another village near Langley School, to eat a proper english dinner. Here is what he had... I wanted only some appetizers, and these were the things that appeared in front of my eyes. I don't do fried stuff at all, it's definitely unlike what I usually eat, but this time was an exception. And with all those fresh vegies and a glass full of orange juice, it was a really nice meal. Of course I had dessert also...sorry, no picture for that... :)
...and these are the dips the appetizers came with...pretty nice!
...and no burgers for me...I started disliking them from the US, that was the first time I've tasted a THE american burger and I said NO in that moment. :) Plus...I don't do bread, so, just one more reason to say pass. :)
...well, is just me...or this hot desserts list looks a bit kinky...?? :D :D
...just sayin' :D
This is what Mate ate...looks delicious and he said it was.
See you soon!
Love, Gabriela~

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