August 14, 2011

loving Langley

So today the rest of the staff for Langley 4 came and I was glad to see familiar faces from last year. It's going to be a great camp! The teens are coming tomorrow, so that gave me time to enjoy the lovely weather around the old castle that hosts the Langley school. And I can show you the surroundings and some things I absolutely love...
This is the fron of the building...(
...with the sports field. :D
And this is the back of the building. :)

  • These are the trees I adore...I call them dinosaur trees, cause they look just like the ones from the Jurrasic Park movies...and everytime I pass near them, I imagine dinosaurs shaking the gorunds with their giant steps. How's that for a plot..?? :D :D These are trees that you're never going to see in Romania, that's for sure! So, I love them very much!

See ya soon!

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