August 13, 2011


Remember the beginning of the journey to UK? I was talking about the ferry duty free area...this is what I bought  for the make up section.  The Givenchy Travel Collection Make-Up Palette. I was looking for another Givenchi eye shadows pallete, but since there was no trace of it, I took this one. So I can try all the basic makeup things: lip stain, mascara, eye shadows, face powder and blush. I didn't had time to take some pics when it was brand new, so... before I hit the they are! :D

I really like the face powder; the blush...hmmm's coming out too much product each time I blend the brush in. I love the lip colors, the texture and the shades -thumbs up for that( the pink one is my fave). The Eye Fly Mascare was also great, it covers your lashes in a nice color and it's not at all heavy on your lashes. Nice! I was a bit disappointed with the eye shadows...the light ones, no mather how much product you stack on your lid, they are almost invisible. And the same thing like the blush, it comes out a lot of powder when you start working your brush in. That's my opinion. It's not a waste of money, because I tried a lot of things from this high end brand, but I don't think I would buy it again. Hope this helps the  make-up lovers! :)
See ya soon!
Love, Gabriela~

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