August 27, 2011

Dreams do come true...La Tour Eiffel... 360°

The first tiem I saw the was breathtakin'. There are no words to describe the vibe of this city at the end of august...but you could see on every face that they are happy to be here. I was one of those faces in the crowd! We took hundreds of photos, I will post a lot, because I love them all. We chose to climb the stairs up to the second floor, just to  experience that feeling...and then we took the lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris from the top of the tower it's amazing! I loved the view, the postcards inside the Eiffel Shop, the wax statue of Eiffel, Mate's face when he got to the second floor...he was sooo scared, I loved the way the tower looks by night and all the enthusiasm on people's faces, the Seine river...I loved many things! I will remember it for the rest of my life. This was a dream came true! 
Again...the pics say more that words can describe!
Hope you like the billion photos I posted... :D
Each time I look at these pics, my heart beats faster. Wonderful city...just wonderful!
See you tomorrow for more to come!
Love, Gabriela~

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