August 25, 2011

the end of a second era...

Hey, guys!
This is the last night of the Langley 4 camp...the Disco night, where the teens are dancing and having fun, and we,  the stuff, keep an eye on them and talk with eachother. By the way, that bottle on the's apple juice! :)) Here are part of the girsl both assistants and theachers, from this camp.'s a long night, I have to dance in order to keep my eyes open! :D :D
Having fun with the kids!

With the always funny and cute, Ellen (and Aris in the backround, the dude with the kick-boxing and latino dances workshop -God, I had so much fun with him during those days).
With the wonderful and ever king, Julie!
with my sweetheart :*
with the hot guys :)
My lovely blue silk bow sandals...from a Zara store in Nurnberg, Germany. J'adore!
Hope you liked my one month journey to UK, working for this wonderful org called Roeland, check them out . Great way to meet new people, see new places, work my english and have a lot of fun with belgian teens! It was brilliant!!
 Till next year (hope so): Bye bye Roeland, bye bye Langley! 
And you guys, stay tuned for an amazing trip to Paris!
Love, Gabriela~

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