April 9, 2009

Când îţi faci planul...şi planul e deja făcut de altcineva pt tine!

During my 2 day visit in Cluj, I received from my man a gift...a book that someone recomended me to read...meaning Capek - "Fabrica de absolut" ( the one from currently reading picture). That was my plan, to read it...but soon my plan changed ( today, to be more precisely), when I walked into a bookshop here in Baia, and I saw " Firmin", by Sam Savage...a book talking about a very clever library mouse life. I read in a magazine an article about this book, and I said that's the next book I'm gonna buy.
I already started to read it, and it's really fun, can't wait to go on... but I, you may say it's too soon, but I recommend it!

I'll be back with some parts that I most loved from it!

Don't waste your time...read...read...read!

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