April 24, 2009

Lust definition

I discovered some new music...here's some info about :


"Late Night Alumni" is the alias of DJ/producer Kaskade, currently signed to Om Records and loaned to the Hed Kandi label. They tend to mix Dance/house music with strings and soft trance like vocals from their lead singer, Becky Jean Williams' smooth voice. Their current album Empty Streets was successful enough to be made into a polyphonic ringtone and main theme for the Toyota IQ car commercial.As an 80's teenager in the suburbs of Chicago, Ryan Raddon (the real name of Kaskade) was fascinated by the sound of New Wave, having been exposed to music as diverse as Tears For Fears, The Cult and The Smiths, primarily through Frankie Knuckles' DJ sets in the city. From then on he religiously listened to local dance radio and bought new records at every opportunity, finally taking to the decks at the end of the decade.
Circa 1992 Ryan moved to Salt Lake City to continue his education, where he DJ'd and ran a local record shop to fund his studies, eventually building a studio and driving the upcoming scene by releasing several tracks on his own Mechanized Records imprint.
In 2000 he created the Kaskade moniker and has since garnered praise from the worldwide dance press and quality house music fans alike for his musical output on various labels and talents as a DJ.

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