April 12, 2009

sunday business

Hi you all!
I had a day off from the theatre I work in and I just managed to merge the things I had to do with the things I love to do...
First of all... I had to feed the one I love... Then... For some weeks now, I promised to do a strawberry & other fruits cheese cake, so while doing that, I let the Beirut rhythmes to inspire my cooking... and I discovered a new song from their album that I've became obsessed with: "Un dernier verre" - Magic!

...after Beirut, my next songs in the playlist, were the "Sasha Fierce" ones... I love the blues from her latest album.

Last night I started to watch "All that jazz"...but it was a bit late...and I went to sleep. So this morning, I saw the end of it. Broadway...and...no comment!
This is how I managed to bring a part of the spring blast in my kitchen, I love the spring colours!
and the day is not over yet... see ya!

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