March 20, 2011

Cinnamon Apple Muffins

It was the first time I tried to bake muffins...and since I just tried to find a recipe browsing the internet knowing what I have already at home, I said a Cinnamon Apple recipe will do just fine. I wanted to post the source of the recipe, but I just could not find it anymore...if anyone wants to try it, I'll write it down for you(I did some notes); it's easy, with simple ingredients. Tell me what do you think! Only one out of the 12 muffins made it through the next day... :))))) We're like velociraptors when it comes to sweets...can't help it...
They had a perfect flavour...besides, I love cinnamon - daa...:))- 
Just look how the apple pieces show off inside the muffin!! Delicious!
Hope you enjoyed the post, 
Love, Gab~

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We are Marbled said...

HUmmm Miam ça à l'air trop bon ces petits gâteaux!!!!