March 16, 2011

garden activity

When nature comes back from holiday (winter time...), I like to catch every step of its revival....and where to start better than the garden. Snowdrops are forcing winter to disappear ...and fast. Loving them!
Crocus flowers are sharing the garden with the snowdrops. Aren't these amazing?
 So fragile despite the fact they are all so packed together....
Not to mention this pollen drunk bumble-bee...just look how lame is he inside that crocus...the best place he could find for a nap... :))))))))) Then another one...king of the crocus! :))
See ya soon, 
Love, Gab~


Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, these picutres are so gorgeous! Make me think of spring. What a beautiful post. Thank you very much for visiting my blog:) I am now following!


Gabri est là said...

Glad you liked the post!! I'll keep an eye on your blog too! Have a wonderful day!

Fash Boulevard said...

love your blog. so happy you found me. I'm totally following now.

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Gabri est là said...

Will do!! :)