March 20, 2011

Jungle world

The bad rainy weather was the main factor that made me ask Mate to do smth with these pics...I mean with the background of them. And since he's playing with some new textures in Adobe Photoshop CS5, I said let's give it a try. Anyway, al least the pics look interesting and the rainy atmosphere doesn't break through... We said to end this weekend by visiting our friends in Satu Mare, who performed a theatre play (that we loved, by the way). So, along with two other mates/actors, we left the city, hoping to spend some quality, we did. The play made it all! We couldn't stay over night, but we had a lot of fun, especially during the trip. So, more than 120 km flew by in no time.
Hope you had a great weekend!!
Love, Gab~

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