March 11, 2011

Because cooking is an art too

This was what lunch looked like, before going to the oven ... :) I've decided to play with some vegetables and chicken, that turned out to be some magnificent skewers. Touched by a lil' bit of Worcester and BBQ sauce, they were ready to meet the heat. It's a simple recipe and it's fast to cook.
After 45 min spent in a tropical climate, these babes were screaming "Eat me!!" 
So we did...and they were absolutely delicious!
Chocolate was just a snack before the real desert stepped in...
This is a Grape and Plum Fluffy Tart...recipe found in this lovely Desserts Book. With plenty of sugar on it and fresh cream, this tart topped the day!
Hope you had a wonderful day!
Love, Gab~

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