December 18, 2010

"An actor is a sculptor who carves in snow" Lawrence Barrett

I started my winter holiday, by leaving Baia Mare. The best thing I could do this month! :D
Christmas in Bucovina was a pleasant idea to make it we've decided! From Mate's home in Suceava, we started at 9 o'clock in the morning our trip to Borsa, a ski resort for a snowboarding weekend, that turned out to be really cute.
These pics were taken on a break through the breathtaking Prislop Pass on our way to Borsa. It was freezing, but for that view, it didn't matter anymore...So you can see for yourselves!
After the snowboarding, we went in the Borsa town to have dinner, then hit a supermarket to fill our sweets necessary, and then back to the cabin for a hell of good time at the sauna... I can't tell you how welcomed that thing was...A refreshing shower and then -> to bed. The cabin was all made of wood with old ad posters and tiny rooms...and the blackout that we had for more than an hour and the candle light, made it feel like a vintage adventure! The only thing that annoyed me..was a man in the next room to ours that snored all night. Lucky enough I had my ipod with me and it helped me endure this experience easier...Man, I hate when someone snores.
Well, I have to say, both me and Mate hit the wall (that the rooms shared) several times, hoping it will make him stop. It did...for a few seconds, then he was back on track! :O :O

All in all, it was a nice experience, plus I met new friends :) as seen down below :)

Look at those amazing trees loaded with snow!
A true delight to share the same sun light with them!

This is Labus, the guardian of "Ursu Cabin" :) Lovely puppy!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend too, wherever you might be!
Love, Gab~

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