December 4, 2010

"The first rule is, gentlemen callers have got to wear a necktie! "

Apparently I'm stuck on movies and books these's just a good way to spend free time...besides that, outside it's been raining for the last couple of days, so I haven't seen snow yet here. No fun going on...So, I prefer to stay a bear, hibernating...
After reading all day ( plus I have a freakin' sore throat that drives me mad...), late in the evening me and Mate watched some movies...the first one, is a 2010 released one (trying to keep up with the new movies...). So... Pirahna's such a time loss...if you haven't seen a bad movie in a long time, I recommend it!
Ok...the next movie ( I love classics!) was another of Marilyn Monroe's...1953 - "How to Marry a Millionaire"-Director:  Jean Negulesco ; Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall
Three women set out to find eligible millionaires to marry, but find true love in the process...
I just love these pics and the old movie posters!

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