December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011!!!!

This is going to be the post that has the biggest number of pics ever!! Well, it's New Year's Eve. It's supposed to be like this !!!!! It's the end of one hard year...that brought good things and sad things all together. It's time to celebrate the end of it and the beginning of a new year, 2011. I have so many things in mind for this year. But never mind those. Let's talk about this night. It was the first time I spent the New Year's party in a club; and since I was back home at my parents and my sister's...Club Cinema was perfect...not mentioning we're quite like home there. My sis's bf works there...yeah...

We were a small group of 8 people, but that was more than enough... So here are (a lot of) pics from the party night.

Browsing the Sephora shops this soon as I put my eyes on this yellow nail polish, I knew I wanted to rock that the 2010->2011 night, no matter what I was going to wear.
And so I did:
An hour or two after midnight, I had to change those high heels, if I wanted to party till morning. So I said adios to the black dress and slipped in some more party animal like clothes.

having fun with my sis :)

Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year with people you love, I think that's the most important thing!

Love, Gab~

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