December 5, 2010

Saint Nicholas ♥♥

Today was sweet! And I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful month, rich in love, smiles, presents, snow, hot mulled wine, carols and fun! We use to celebrate Saint Nicholas by making gifts to the ones we love that consist of (mainly) sweets and fruits (oranges...)

Well, me and my bf like to be original, so we added a few things that we knew it will make us more happy than just the regular sweets. Anyway...I ate almost a whole chocolate bar -It had cinnamon and orange...can't helped it!!
My fave chocolate of the season!!!!!!

...and these Haribo Jellies - the Holiday edition - are soooooooo freakin' goood!!

And usually, we have to clean a pair of shoes and place it near the door, so Saint Nicholas can quickly stick his hands full of presents through the door...and put them in the shoes...that's the custom...I love it! It's just the same way Santa leaves the gifts under the Christmas Tree... ahhhhhhh...
I ♥♥♥ December!!!!!!!!

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

See ya around!
Gab ♥♥


Julie VW said...

Heh, I didn't know you celebrated Saint Nicholas too. I thought it was a Belgian-Dutch thing.

Cheers, Julie VW.

Gabri est là said...

Yessssss, we do!!!!!!! :) Love it!