December 1, 2010

Movie(s) pt.2 The next two Wonders of the World...Marilyn and Niagara

The second movie I met last night, was one of the 1953's most known movies, "Niagara", a dramatic thriller, directed by Henry Hathaway. Unlike other films noir of the time, Niagara was shot in Technicolor and was one of 20th Century Fox's biggest box office hits of the year. The drama features Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters and others. I'm a fan of Monroe, so I did enjoyed seeing her playing a bad character.
Marilyn Monroe in bed in a publicity still from Niagara, the movie that made Marilyn a star when it was released in January 1953. When asked once what she wore to bed, Marilyn famously replied,
“Chanel No. 5.”
And then I do agree with the staff at "Variety" that wrote in those times, << "Niagara' is a morbid, cliched expedition into lust and murder. The atmosphere throughout is strained and taxes the nerves with a feeling of impending disaster. Focal point of all this is Marilyn Monroe, who's vacationing at the Falls with hubby Joseph Cotten...The camera lingers on Monroe's sensuous lips, roves over her slip-clad figure and accurately etches the outlines of her derrière as she weaves down a street to a rendezvous with her lover. As a contrast to the beauty of the female form is another kind of nature's beauty - that of the Falls. The natural phenomena have been magnificently photographed on location.>>
Here is an interesting story( I ♥ it!) about Room 801, of the hotel where Marilyn lived in 1952 when she was shooting for "Niagara" ->
Thank you, Alan!!
Marilyn reading her Niagara script in bed in Room 801 of the Brock Plaza in June 1952/Jock Carroll, Library and Archives Canada.

More.. on the movies of MM ->

Waiting for opinions on/about her and the movie!
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