December 24, 2010

Santa reloaded

I must of been a good girl this year... cause Santa was more than generous...speaking of gifts. The Estee Set is gorgeous and all the products I tried so far speak for themselves! Really good quality!
Besides that, another gift that I've been craving for was this pair of waterproof UGGs, that I adore. Can't wait to go out in the snow wearing them!
To choose has always been hard for me...and when I spotted the UGG shoes, I had to try on all the pairs, all the colors...fell in love with the waterproof red, grey, black ones, then with the classic tall purple ones. Hmmm.... But , in the end, these were the crush of the season.

Stay tuned for more pics to come...
Other little gifts included these nail polishes(can't wait to try on the Sephora yellow one), tights, black stretched pants, scarf, accessories, clothes...that I'll probably be wearing in the next days...

How about you? Did Santa bring you all you wanted from your list? Tell me about it!
Love, Gab~

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