December 3, 2010

"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty." M.Monroe

Enjoyed a classic, a famous Marilyn Monroe 1953 movie...
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes",
cute...most of all I loved MM's outfits :)
CAST: Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee, Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw, Tommy Noonan as Gus Esmond, Charles Cobourn as Sir Francis Beekman, Elliot Reed as Detective Ernie Malone
DIRECTOR: Howard Hawks
SONGS: Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend, Two Little Girls From Little Rock, Anyone Here For Love, Bye Bye Baby, When Love Goes Wrong
PLOT: Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw are showgirls who set sail on a cruise to Paris. Gus Esmond, Lorelei's suspicious fiance, hires Ernie Malone to follow them. Lorelei gets mixed up with the wealthy Sir Francis Beekman while Dorothy falls in love with Detective Malone. The girls end up stranded in Paris after Gus finds out about Lorelei's behavior on the ship. When Lorelei is accused of stealing a valuable tiara she and Dorothy must sing and dance their way out of trouble.

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