May 15, 2011

the after party

Well...we had to end the party at midnight at the Ball Room in the hotel...but the Turkish people had a great idea. Disco time. I must confess, for me the true party time began there. I finally could relax and forget about everything, mainly forget about being responsible for my group and for everything to go as smooth as possible. I did that the whole journey. The party was on! And I did had a lot of fun! Just look at the pics! It didn't mattered anymore who was on the dancing floor! I got crazy and I loved it! And the nice part was that I had with whom to play animals!!!
up- with my fave hair dresser ever! :)

It was a super night. I danced my but off! We got home around 3am...and we had to be up in a few hours to get ready for the flights back to Romania...One thing is for sure...I am going to miss Turkey!
see ya tomorrow! Love, Gab~

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