May 15, 2011

Aya Sofia ~ Trabzon, Turkey

Me and Mate wanted to see the Aya Sofya of Trabzon. We heard and read a lot of things about it, so we went to see it (after lunch-of course). Balint joined us, so we took a mini van Taxi which led us right next to the church.
The church of Hagia Sophia (GreekἉγία Σοφία, meaning "Holy Wisdom"  TurkishAyasofya), now the Hagia Sophia Museum, is a former Chalcedonian (Greek Orthodoxchurch located in the city of Trabzon in the north-eastern part of Turkey. It dates back to the 13th century when Trabzon was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond. It is located near the seashore and 2 miles west of the medieval town's limits. It is one of a few Byzantine sites still existent in the area.
Hagia Sophia was built in Trebizond during the reign of Manuel I between 1238 and 1263. After Mehmed II conquered the city in 1461 the church was converted into a mosque and its frescos covered in whitewash. During World War I and for a brief period afterward, the city was occupied by the Russian military and used as a makeshift hospital and depot. Afterwards it was put back into use as a mosque, until 1964 when it was turned into a museum - which it remains to this day. From 1958 to 1964 the frescoes were uncovered and the church consolidated with the help of experts from Edinburgh University and the General Directorate of Foundations.

The Hagia Sophia church is an important example of late Byzantine architecture, being characterized by a high central dome and four large column arches supporting the weight of the dome and ceiling. Below the dome is an Opus sectile pavement of multicolored stones. The church was built with a cross-in-square plan, but with an exterior form that takes the shape of a cross thanks to prominent north and south porches. The structure is 22 metres long, 11.6 meters wide and 12.7 meters tall. The late 13th-century frescos, revealed during the Edinburgh University restoration, illustrate New Testament themes. External stone figurative reliefs and other ornamenting is in keeping with local traditions found in Georgia and Armenia. 24 meters to the west of the church is a tall bell tower, 40 meters high. It was built in 1427 and also contains frescoes.

Look what Mate was about to step on in the gardens of the church... :)
Up- the Black Sea coast
with the men...
After the visit, we've decided to enjoy a Turkish apple tea on the museum terrace. 
It looked like a sci fi potion...but it tasted really good. :) And the waiters were so kind :)

You already know the lobby of the Zorlu Hotel... :D

Wonderful day!
Love, Gab~

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