May 15, 2011

The closing ball...

A week filled with excitement, joy, discoveries, wonderful people, theatre and smiles. This could be a short portrayal of what the Black Sea Int. Theatre Festival meant to me. So, here we are at the closing ball on the last day of this lovely theatre journey. All the participants left (Romania, Ecuador, Poland and Turkey) gathered in the ball room of the Zorlu Hotel, all looking beautiful. After the director of the festival held his speech, the music and fun began. Danced, ate, had fun with all the people like a big family. Wondefrul moments!
...but the night wasn't over yet. :)
Kodak moments with lovely friends!
With two of the most wonderful people around...Mate and Sevki! :)
Can not forget Silvana from the Romanian Cultural Institute, who made this trip possible. 
Big hug and a big THANK YOU!

...felt like on the Red Carpet :)
With the Technic Chief of our theatre, Gusti. A wonderful man and a real pro!
 (and there are so few among the employees of BM Theatre...sadly)
...started the nigh with some punch...
the ladies :)
with Selin :)
...almost all the people from the romanian crew.
I loved these two guys. We had a lot of fun together...beginning  with those "paintings"... :))
And this was the cherry on top of the cake for me...a short but lovely msg from Sevki. 

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