May 13, 2011

show time...Trabzon, Turkey

Here are more pics of  Trabzon...Last night we had our first performance. Besides some issues with the english translation, the show went Ok. And the fact that filled my heart with joy, was at the end of the performance, when all the public raised and applauded loudly. Turkish audience acts like this ( at least this I've been told by locals): if they don't like what the stage offers, they leave. Without any regrets. Well...that didn't happened when we played! That was a relief!! I was anxious to see what will it happen tonight, at our second performance.
Before every theatre performance, I usually like and have to sleep at least an hour. Today was not an exception. Here's a pic before going to bed in the hotel's room. :)
The play starts at 8pm, so we had to be at the theatre with a couple of hours before. Just in time to take some pics with the ads in fornt of the theatre. ( ... ignore the squirrel waving on my  back... )
This is the banner for our play they posted in the lobby of the theatre. Loved it!
Such a lovely theatre they have in Trabzon. With beautiful paintings, everything so clean and neat.
Preparation hour... :)

I must tell you about the hair dresser....mmmm...I fell in love with the way he did my hair. Fast, efficient, and nonetheless, always smiling. Chapeau!! 
We had with us in our crew, two members from the Romanian Cultural TV, that filmed us from the beginning of the journey till the end. It was my turn to talk with them, right before the show.  :)
The performance turned out to be less perfect than last night...probably because some of the actors just relaxed a bit too much, so much that they've missed some lines...but these are things that only I feel...Anyways...we went out for some drinks and some fun. Happy that things went OK.
Here it is Sevki, a really nice man (part of the organizers), that turned out to be nicer in person. I've been talking to him for the whole 6 months, right when I first wrote him about our play. I'll be missing him for sure when I'll be far away form Turkey...
Makin' freinds all over Trabzon. :)
Hope you liked the story of today... :) Stay tuned for tomorrow!
Love, Gab~

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