May 12, 2011

Trabzon street vibe

The food we got at the hotel, wasn't bad. Every meal was a buffet, so I got to choose every single piece of food on my dish. be honest, my everyday meal had to contain a lot of veggies...especially olives. I loved the Turkish different from the ones we get in Romania. The ones who really love meat, had to suffer... Meat wasn't enough and we even had a vegetarian day...but they survived! :))
The weather, even for May, wasn't to friendly to us. We left Romania with temperatures below 20 degrees...and Trabzon ( even though it's a seaside city) wasn't different at all. But that din't stopped us sightseeing the city. Indeed, every day, after lunch, we went out...
These are the streets of  Trabzon, not far from our hotel . :) All those little flags were posted to support the local football team that was going to play an important match the upcoming days... Turkish people are great football lovers and passionate fans.
See ya soon! Love, Gab~

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ihsan köroğlu said...

I'm from Trabzon and they are not football team flag.Flag's owner is a political party.But we love TRABZONSPOR.