May 21, 2011

bizz and leisure

This was probably the best lemonade I've ever had in my life. Before another performance of the acting kids I told you yesterday, Mate, me and Silviu spent some time at Via Restaurant, where we had time to drink a fresh lemonade. Mint, lemon, bazil...madness! Loved it!
no need to tell you how much I love's a glimpse of it :)
If I'm in Cluj, I won't miss a walk at the Polus mall, browse the stores, have a snack and get updated with the latest movies. :)
In the evening we went to see the second performance of the kids; a Commedia dell'Arte show.  It was nice to remember the times we used to work with commedia masks. It was a sort of acting faculty revival :))

A great sunny day! 
See ya soon, Gab~

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