May 15, 2011

So this was the last day spent in Turkey...the last day of the theatre festival and I tried to make the best out of it. First the Aya Sofya visit, then we went to a mall near by, plus enjoyed the sights of the Trabzon streets :)
romanians + turkish people = freinds :)
Sweets as desert at Zorlu Hotel :)
Veggie meal...plenty of olives for me!! :)
...and the Turkish soups...delicious!
fun in the hotel lobby
In the evening, we went to see the Ecuador performance. The last one of the festival. It was only half an hour long...but I was so tired...I think I fell asleep for a few moments...all I do remember was I woke up at the end of it...We had to go at the hotel and prepare for the Closing Ball of the festival...MORE TO COME!

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